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The project Villa Padma in 2009

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The development and progress of the project Villa Padma .
When we went to Bali for the first time we had absolutely no plans to build there.
Just nice holiday in a villa , that was our plan ......
But , then came the adjoining villa management helpdesk acquainted .
Robbie Drexhage : born and raised in the same village where I was born , had the same high school as my sister sat and soon emerged as a very animated conversation about memories , mutual acquaintances etc.
Robbie lived already twelve years in Bali , was now married to a Balinese woman and he sat with his wife , also in the development and construction of villas .
The villa where we sat was called . Terms of structural finish very moderate
And since my husband and I both have a technical background and have an eye for the call came so quickly here .
Robbie when some of his projects show us.
What a difference : very high quality materials and solid construction and a very high degree of finish . And besides , there were building permits , property deeds and notarized actes ... ( There are companies that do not take so closely with all its consequences for the unsuspecting owner .. )
The next step was an extremely secure awareness of how it all works for potential home owners : legal aspects , vergunnigen , financial aspects ... before we knew it we went with Robbie to look plots that were for sale .